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Marbelous Mazes

Block and marble sets to delight all!

Natural feel of unfinished hard wood

Almost infinite building design possibilities

A gift you can feel good about giving

Satisfy the kid in you

Unique blocks and ramps adding to the visual fun

Watch the marbles run the structures YOU create

No need for batteries or electricity

The Small and Medium Sets

The Small and Medium Sets

The Deluxe Set - 98 pieces
+ marbles and instructions

The Medium Set - 54 pieces
+ marbles and instructions

The Small Set - 31 pieces
+ marbles and instructions

The Deluxe Set

The Deluxe Set

Each set designed to build on each other.

Physically interactive toy that inspires creativity

Stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving

Helps develop building and engineering skills and improves spatial abilities

Holds interest with almost infinite configuration possibilities

Fun to play alone, or promote teamwork with multiple builders and/or sets

Made in USA

Rosebush Marimba is the creator of Marbelous Mazes as well as an entire line of marimbas with schools being our primary customers. The mazes were developed to use the left-over wood from our instrument making, therefore minimizing our business waste. Every piece is totally hand-made with some pieces exclusive to our product. Sets are designed to build on each other, so they can be expanded at any time, increasing building protential.

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